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Topic outline

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  • Module 1: Setting Up Your eBay Seller Account

    ·         Choose the right marketplace for your products.

    ·         Open a personal or business account.

    ·         Get a business PayPal account.

    ·         Configure your account settings.

  • Module 2: Finding Profitable Products to Sell

    ·        Use keyword research to find products that are in demand.

    ·         "Spy" on top eBay sellers to see what they are selling.

    ·         Determine whether to sell products from wholesale or retail stores.

    ·         Calculate shipping costs for your products.

  • Module 3: Listing Your Items Effectively

    ·         Create a perfect eBay listing.

    ·         Determine whether to list an item in auction format or fixed price format.

    ·         Consider 5 crucial moments during listing.

    ·         Use listing hacks to increase your sales·       


  • Module 4: Packing and Shipping Your Products

    ·         Use eBay Shipping to print postage from home.

    ·         Calculate handling time and shipping time.

    ·         Get free shipping supplies from USPS.

    ·         Select the best shipping company for cost-effective shipping.

  • Module 5: Handling Customer Cases

    ·         Understand the reasons for case openings.

    ·         Communicate effectively with customers.

    ·         Determine false claims and scams.

    ·         Avoid negative feedback.

    ·         Become a trusted seller.

  • Course Completion Certificate