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Topic outline

  • Module 1: Introduction To Amazon Business Model ( Private Label, Wholesale, Dropshipping)

    • What is an E-commerce?
    • Top rated E-commerce Business.
    • How can we do E-commerce Business?
    • Private Label: You sell the products by your own brand name.
    • Whole Sale: Buy the products in Bulk from the Brands, Distributors, or Wholesalers and sell them in retail on an e-commerce store.
    • Drop Shipping.  Take the order from one e-commerce store and fulfill this order from another E-commerce store

  • Module 2: Introduction to Wholesale

    • One of the best business models generates a good profit margin with no risk at a low investment. Amazon Wholesale Model has up to 70 % market share in the e-commerce business.
  • Module 3: Basic Terminologies used

    • Every social science use word and phrases those words as per the dictionary has meaning different but in a specified subject its meaning is different, we will study what are the terminologies used in Amazon Wholesale.
  • Module 4: What is FBA/FBM?

    • FBA( Fulfillment By Amazon) and FBM ( Fulfilment By Merchant).

    • We will study what are the benefit of FBA, its fee and why should we prefer FBA?

  • Module 5: Requirement for Wholesale Business Model

    What should we require to startup an Amazon Business Model? How much we can take a return on investment?

  • Module 6: Product Search/Hunting.

    We will study how to find the best product while using the tools and without tools. What are the basic parameters on which we decide whether this product is good or not?

  • Module 7: Brand Approval

    As early mentioned that in the wholesale business model, we purchase the stock in bulk and sell it in retail at an E-commerce store, but to sell this product we need approval from the concerned brand. Otherwise, it’s a copyright claim, it may hit the loss to your business so we need Brand permission. In this context, we study how to take permission from the brands

  • Module 8: Product Analysis

    Product is the backbone of this model, so you need to select the product very carefully for this you must have to analyze the product from each aspect. Here we thoroughly study each aspect to analyze and finalized the aspects of the product

  • Module 9: Product Listing

    Surly once you have finalized the product you must have to list the product on your store, in this section we would learn how can we list the product on Amazon store?

  • Module 10: Placing of Order to Brand/Supplier

    We will go through the process of inventory, how to place the order, What is MOQ, and MOV, and how to convince the Brand or distributor of low MOQ

  • Module 11: Shipment Creation.

    How to send to inventory from the Brand or Distributor/Wholesaler, what is Prep and labeling?

  • Module 12: How to Fulfill The FBM Order?

    If you are doing FBM (what is the process to fulfill the orders on the store, how to resolve the customer complaints, or refund the amount, etc.

  • Module 13: Concept of 3rd Party Warehouse

    Sometimes we need to hire the 3rd Party warehouse, how to hire, what type of services 3rd party warehouses offer, and the positive and negative aspects of 3rd Party warehouse

  • Module 14: Problem & How to Get Help from Amazon Support Centre.

    While working on the seller central account the method we need to follow to resolve the issues, what are the common queries we faced, and how to resolve them

  • Module 15: How We Get Clients from The International & National Markets

    Websites that are authentic and we can get clients easily, the methodologies and strategies that will help you out

  • Module 16: How to Create Store on Amazon with Pakistani Credentials

    Here we learnt what the documents required to register a company in Uk or USA, we will learn how to create Amazon store, problems and there solution

  • Final Test